viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2018

Christmas activities

Hello everybody!

Bellow you can find some acvities about the grammar we've seen during the first term. We hope you like them and... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

- Verb to be
- Have/has
- Comparatives 
- Past tense
- Future: will  
- Wh- questions
- Possibilities
- Prepositions of time
- Writing an email 

miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2018

In fifth grade, Thomas teaches us days of the week and the alphabet in sign language.

It´s sometimes difficult to move our fingers quickly, but it is very fun!

Activities for today

Hello students!

Today you are going to practice your reading skills. Bellow ypu can find two texts: read them carefully and say if the following sentences are true or false (copy the sentences in your notebooks).

Text 1:

Text 2:

True or false?

1. You can play ball games on ‘Playa Bávaro’ and ‘Playa Rincón’.
2. Carmen doesn’t like sailing.
3. Udo loves activities in the mountains.
4. He doesn't like canoeing.
5. In the Swiss Alps the water in rivers and lakes is very cold.
6. Carmen lives in New York.
7. Udo lives in the Swiss Alps.
8. The weather in the Swiss mountains during winter is warm.
9. A lot of tourists visit  the beaches in Dominican Republic.
10. Udo likes going horse riding during the summer.

miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2018


Hello everyone!

This year our English Assistant is called Thomas. He is from Florida, USA. We can´t wait to see all the interesting activities he has prepared for us!

viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2018


Hello students!!

We hope that you had a wonderful time during the holidays. Get ready to start the new school year! :)

viernes, 22 de junio de 2018

Activities for the summer (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade)

Hello 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students!

Bellow you cand find some activities for the summer. Click on the title to access the webpage.

English Memory
Learn "synonyms”, “antonyms" and “homonyms “with this English vocabulary games for kids. In this memory matching game, kids have to match words to practice their exercise.

Easy Spelling Game
Learn to spell with this easy word puzzle game for kids. Combine letters to form a range of different words, how many can you get correct? Use the provided pictures to help narrow down the options and make the questions easier.

Punctuation Game
Have fun completing grammar practice exercises that help students learn about important English language punctuation such as the full stop, question mark, comma, apostrophe, exclamation mark and inverted commas.

This is a picture labeling drag and drop exercises to practice and reinforce kids’ vocabulary.

Sentence Builder
A fun new sentence builder app is designed to learn about words, sentences, pronunciation, grammar, and punctuation.

Monkey Junior: learn to read
In this game each word is sounded out in three different ways: slowly pronouncing each phoneme, slowly blending into the whole word, and pronouncing the word normally.

Octopus Hangmouse
To practice Spelling. Pick the letters that spell the word correctly.

Animal, Vegetal or Mineral
Define everything being either Animal,, Vegetable or Mineral. Help Students to develop their Naturalist Intelligence.

Animal Quiz
This is an animal quiz game for kids. In this, kids have to identify the animals and spell their names.

Fast Hands
This is a game for Learning English Focusing on vocabulary items. You listen to the sound or read the word and then click on the matching pictures.

ABC Spelling Magic
This app teaches the sounds of the letters and how to build words. This app can help your child learn the sounds of the alphabet.

Toca Kitchen Monsters
Review food vocabulary, like/don't like, etc. Try feeding them and see what they like!

Simple and fun way for ESL students to practice learning words. Each player takes a seat around the iPad and taps in to start. The game begins as images zoom into the playing area.

Word Wizard
Kids learn to spell with talking alphabets, spelling tests & fun phonics games.

Spelling Treasure Box
Kids learn to spell the most needed words as they play. Application presents each word by displaying a picture and pronounces the word and presents the letters that are needed to make the word. Kids use there hand to arrange the letters in the right order to make the word.

Simplex Spelling Light
It is a different spelling game where students can listen, play, and cut letters. They will improve their auditory discrimination and the recognition of letters.

Storytelling Platforms (click on the number)


Summer time (4th, 5th and 6th grade)

Hello everyone!

Congratulations! You have reached the end of the course :) We hope you've had fun during this year together.

As the summer is really long and we don't want you to forget anything that you've learn during this course, bellow you can find some activities which will help you to review the grammar and the vocabulary seen during the year.

Click on each sentence to access the activities:

Verb to be

Verb to have

Verb to do

Present Simple

Present Continuous

Adverbs of frequency


There is/there are

Prepositions of place


Like and don't like

Past Simple

Going to (future)

Comparatives and superlatives

Adverbs of manners
Adverbs of time
Will (future)

You can also find some interesting links to practice your written and oral skills. Your level of English is A1 (if you've done the KET exam, your level of English is A2):

Reading activities
Vocabulary exercises
Writing activities
Listening practice
Speaking practice